Wellness Workshops:

I love running Wellness Workshops. I have designed these workshops to support you in building your confidence, self esteem and empowering you to make positive changes in your life.

These workshops fulfil a long term goal of mine to connect and empower as many people as I can, through developing new behavioural patterns, increasing your positive thinking naturally, so you can live your best life! 

The Wellness Workshop:

Become aware of your tension and stress levels. Identify where you are at right now and where you want to be in you your life.

Learn how to live in the moment rather than just letting life pass you by.

Develop new strategies to nurture yourself on a daily basis, supporting your emotional & physical health.

Create awareness of what you really want for you and your future you. Work through a vision board


Our next workshop is our popular

Stress-Less Class

24th November 2018

This one hour class is designed to restore and revive your mind, body and generate vitality through, gentle movement, self massage and relaxation.

Saturday 24th November
Time: 1.30pm-2.30pm

Benton’s Square Community Centre
Costs: $5.00pp
Call Joy: 0422 311 089